Stationery Tape Series

Stationery Tape Series
General Stationery Tape

General Stationery Tape

General Stationery Tape

Light and transparent &yellowish&crystal. Easy tearing. No bleeding phenomenon. applicable to general sealing, gift wrapping, paper mending&fixing, splicing.

KLL supplies varieties of stationery tapes for office. School and home applications. Easy-tear stationery tape is ideally suited to meet light packaging needs anywhere.


» Light and transparent.
» Easy-tear.
» Non-bleeding.
» High adhesion.
» Weather resistant.


» Light packaging.
» Sealing . jointing & Splicing.
» General purpose mending & Binding.
» Suitable for Art crafts & designing. Drawing.
» Temporary positioning.
» Gift-wrapping.
» Reinforce documents.
» manual work.
» Ideal for office home&school .


» Bopp film is coated with various thickness of adhesive for different weight requirements.
» Stationery tape is available in variety of widths. Lengths. and color to meet your specific needs.