BOPP Packaging Tape Series

BOPP Packaging Tape Series
Bopp Packaging Tape

Bopp Packaging Tape

Bopp Packaging Tape

 Carton sealing tapes feature a non-yellowing and UV resistant acrylic based adhesive system. Acrylic carton sealing tapes maintain their adhesive properties better and longer;

They perform better at temperature extremes. They are more resistant to ageing, weathering, sunlight and discoloration than hot melt tapes.


»  Light-weight backing.
»  High adhesion.
»  High tensile strength.
»  weather-resistance.
»  broad temperature range.
»  printable.


»  Packaging carton boxes with automatic sealing machine.
»  Packaging for export.
»  Steadying & bundling.
»  Protection.


»  Bopp film is coated with various thickness of adhesive for different weight requirements.
»  Bopp packaging tape is available in variety of widths. Lengths. and colours to meet your specific needs.