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    Recognized as EPI Packaging Tapes, we are one of the worldwide leaders in manufacturing for self-adhesive products. Founded in Taiwan primarily and we have expanded our manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China. EPI continues to be innovation in their diverse line of 'STICK' product. As the innovative leader in the tape packaging industry, we have blended both the art and science of manufacturing tape that has proven for the last 35 years. With over 35 years of experience, we are continuing to research and developing a new technology into EPI's product portfolio. EPI continues to strive for excellence in innovation, quality, and the most efficient solution has made EPI a world provider of adhesive solutions. EPI is dedicated to providing products of superior quality, productivity and the most reliable manufacturer of the tape packaging solutions.


    Participated at International Competition

    EPI was founded in 1972 in Taiwan, EPI has established a reputation through innovation invention into the 'STICK' world. It helps companies worldwide apply the science of adhesion to improved function and productivity. EPI adhesive solutions are also leading the way at the international level with variety of tape selections throughout US, Europe, Asia, Russia, Canada and South America.

    In 2001, EPI was approved by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, we took advantage of this opportunity to establish partnership with Walmart, Staples and Japan 3M.

    Sophisticated Equipment Solutions

    EPI has over 100 converting machines and eight coating machines production line. It enabled us to escalate our production capacity and better serve in international market. EPI have invested multi million dollars in upscale equipments to compromise the most sophisticated productive function. The entire line of production is controlled by automated system with flawless execution. These equipments play a major role in development, efficiency and costs of manufacturing. They are prepare to completed any complicated technological structure such as coating production line reform, professional technological reform and production formula reform to enhanced the quality of products.

    Advanced Technique

    EPI is arguably one of the top world tape adhesive manufacturer. We have one of the most advance techniques in coating technology to develop a higher level of products with specialty chemicals and opto-electronics. With such great equipment and formula, EPI is successfully manufactured a wide range tape selection such as cloth tape, kraft paper tape, magic mending tape, premium masking tape with UV color and high temperature resistance, specialty tape, electrical tape, and custom in print BOPP tape.

    High Quality Consolidates

    The global market has demands a higher standard in quality and services. EPI stand is unique amongst against the competitors because we have a solid fundamental foundation. 'Experience and Expertise' We have a strong research and development team that helps EPI customize what our clients needs. Our skillful engineers provides consulting and services to find the most suitable market and product for our customer.

    EPI's production lines have completely upgraded to improve the efficiency in our quality inspection. We have an extensive quality control department to ensure that our finished product is flawless executed. We have zero tolerance on sub-par product and EPI continues to exceed ISO9001 quality compliances.

    Excellent Talent in EPI

    As the innovative leader in the 'STICK' world, EPI continues to recruit and train great talent to be part of the successful formula. We have brilliance staff member who understand every aspect of each position and responsibility. EPI's staff has been determined to innovate and deliver quality, efficient and intelligent 'STICK' solutions to the market place.

    ISO Approved

    iso9001 iso14001

    ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world's largest developer and publisher of International Standards.

    EPI is proud to be certified by ISO because we understand that 'Standards equal Commitment of Excellence' Standards ensure desirable characteristics of products and services such as quality, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability and interchangeability.

  • Brief History

    EPI. factory is a global-oriented adhesive tape manufacturer with 36 years of experience in coating technology and adhesive tapes' development in China. We produce hundreds of adhesive tape products including general packaging tape, stationery tape to masking tape, cloth tape, electrical tape ... etc. and EPI tape is making package job easier and better for people around the world.

    EPI. was founded in 1972 in KaoHsiung city TaiWan and set out our 1st coating line for manufacturing adhesive tapes.

    EPI. move whole manufacturing experience from Kaohsiung city Taiwan to Shenzhen city China in 1992 to catch up with a new chance in opening-up China (lower production cost) but keep sales department in Kaohsiung city Taiwan.

    EPI. first two adhesive tape coating lines were put into production and specialized in BOPP packaging tape and stationery tape. Expert + Opportunity began to produce successes.

    With continuous market successes, EPI. decided to install third coating line. Moreover, in order to catch up with extensive customer demand in tape needs, EPI research & development laboratory was set up, too.

    Expansion Year! 4th & 5th new coating machines and a lot of affiliated slitting and rewinding machines were installed to catch our speedy growth. With business expansion and technical progress, EPI. started to produce environmental friendly masking tape, cloth tape, double side tape, electrial tape,etc with our special formula.

    EPI. obtained ISO 9001 certification.

    6th & 7th coating machines with multifunction were put into production to multiply our strength.

    EPI. obtained ISO 14001 certification because we never forget our environment while our growth.

    Production Improvement Year! High-speed coating machine and automatic slitting machines was equipped to strengthen ourselves.

    Technical Innovation Year! Our 8th & 9th Coating lines with hot melt system were put into production.

              •Satisfy customers with superior quality, value and service.
              • Respect our social and physical environment. 

    EPI. At a Glance (Year-end 2007)
              •International sales: $50 million.
              •EPI products sold in nearly 100 countries.
              •More than 500 employees.